Symfony2: how to easily install FOSUserBundle

FOSUserBundle is an open source plugin for Symfony. FOSUserBundle works well in Symfony 1 and Symfony 2. With this plugin you can easily create a registration page, login page, profile page and resseting page for users. FOSUserBundle is compatible with Doctrine ORM & ODM, and Propel.

FOSUserBundle its very simple to install:

  • Download FOSUserBundle using composer
  • Enable the Bundle
  • Create your User class
  • Configure your application's security.yml
  • Configure the FOSUserBundle
  • Import FOSUserBundle routing
  • Update your database schema

You can find more information about FOSUserBundle at

I have created also a video tutorial where you can see step by step how to install FOSUserBundle in Symfony 2.6.

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