How to install CakePHP 2.6.1 in Xampp on Windows

Hi guys! This is my first tutorial for CakePHP. In my first tutorial I will speak about installation. I will explain to you how you can install easily the last version of CakePHP(2.6.1) in Xampp on Windows.

First of all, you must download the last version of CakePHP Framework. Go to and download CakePHP Framework.

Next, create a new folder in xampp/htdocs and copy there CakePHP Framework from downloaded zip file.

Next, enter in your browser: http://localhost/nameofyourfolder/ and you will see the first page of CakePHP. Now you must open app/Config/core.php file and delete value of this string Configure::write('Security.salt', ''); and Configure::write('Security.cipherSeed', '');

Then, rename the file app/Config/database.php.default to app/Config/database.php.

Now your installation is ready to use!

Video tutorial:

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